Where Colorado Leadership Thrives

In 1999, Quarterly Forum (QF) was founded to provide a place for emerging executives to do more, learn more and become more. What began as a breakfast with Mike Fries, Scott Reiman and then entrepreneur, John Hickenlooper, has emerged as the state’s premier community leadership development organization.

QF was built with a spirit of collaboration and a commitment to civic responsibility. QF is now CiviCO. We are nearly 300 graduates and members strong with educational programs spanning the public, private and social sectors across the state.

With a universal mindset to ensure Colorado will always thrive and grow, we aim to be the enduring pulse of the community.

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When you join the CiviCO community, you are committed to a way of life and a culture that will elevate your significance in the community and catalyze a good life, a better Colorado, and the best you.

Our Belief: Go Forward

Colorado is a place of progress and moving forward. We go forward with purpose, we go together, and we go all-in.

A Good Life

Our Belief: Serve Now

We steward the Colorado way of life contagiously, and the time is now to serve others and our state. Our Members serve in all aspects of their lives for the betterment of others.

A Better Colorado

Our Belief: Live Growth

We empower leaders who take the intrepid road, who do the work, and embrace the journey to become the best versions of themselves at home, at work, and in the community.

The Best You

A Note of Gratitude

We are grateful for our partners who believe in our work to inspire community leaders across Colorado. We are deeply appreciative of those who take pride in their role as stewards of Colorado and have graciously committed their time to participate in our programs and membership platforms. Your commitment empowers our mission.



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